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The game asshole / beggar / president / king / scum - what is behind it?

The card game asshole is a term for many among many names like President or Scum.

The goal is to get rid of each other and get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of players (at least 3), various positions are assigned in the course of the game. This happens regardless of how many stitches you have used last.

Card games, which are very similar, would be, for example, career pokers, Mau Mau or UNO.

In principle, the game can be played with any card set.

Quite brief history of the asshole card game

For some time the game has been very popular, especially in the western world. It is believed to originate in China, where it is called 'Dai Hin Min'. It was only through the American space that it got its present name.

In the meantime there are also commercial as well as freeware and rule variants of the game.

Are you familiar with the card game asshole? Then you can get started right away!