The President Card Game for Android and iOS

The President Card Game Rules are simple !!

This Game is out now for play free —>>>  Android / iOS / Windows  

We wish you a lot fun playing the Game !!  We love the Asshole card Game and that is the reason why we decided to develop this Game ! We are out now and the beginning is really hard especially the marketing part. We are not able to spend thausands of Dollars for Marketing !  It is difficult to bring enough people together for an online Multiplayer Game!  We tried it with Video Adds !

But the effect was not what we expectet.  We have now only 8 month to bring this App to the top of Card Gaming Apps otherwise the App will be deleted for ever !


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Asshole Card Game Rules – President Card Game Rules

Depending on where it is played, the asshole card game  rules or president card game rules vary greatly. The question is, “How do you play asshole now?”

In general, up to 7 people can play with a 32 deck deck at the same time. However, it is also possible to use either a Rommie sheet or two standard card decks in the case of more players or for longer playing fun.

Before you deal with individual principles, which specifically devote themselves specifically to a certain number of players, be listed some basic things:



The aim is to get rid of all your cards. On the starting sheet, always higher sheets must be laid one after the other.

As soon as the highest card ( the Ace) has been placed, the player may restart the round.

He then has the free choice with which card he begins. Even if he ultimately opens a single hand or even a pair of two, three, or four, the round is entirely up to him.

If he actually chooses one of the pairs, the next player is obliged to surpass him with higher cards in the appropriate number.  For example if someoneplaces 2 Jacks, the next player has to place 2 higher cards for example 2 queens.

If it is impossible to beat him, he can start a round again.

The game asshole / beggar / president / king / scum – what is behind it?


The card game asshole is a term for many among many names like President or Scum.

The goal is to get rid of each other and get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of players (at least 3), various positions are assigned in the course of the game. This happens regardless of how many stitches you have used last.


Card games, which are very similar, would be, for example, career pokers, Mau Mau or UNO.

In principle, the game can be played with any card set.

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the Asshole Cardgame Multiplayer App

The Asshole – card game multiplayer

Description of the app
The popular card game President is now ready for download as free app in english for Android and iOS.
The game with strategy is also known as, “King” “scumbag” , “career-poker” or president card game.  Gone are the times when you have to compete against animated opponents with high difficulty levels: President offers you the exciting classic “cardgame” as online multi-player! Simply download the Kinx app and rise to the position of the king in numerous games.



For this purpose, you have to trump your opponent’s card value lying on the table. If you are not able to, you have to pass. The whole game takes several rounds and provides new fun with each game. It is over, when the second last player has played out all his cards and all positions from the “king” up to the “beggar” were assigned. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all cards and by doing so to rise to the position of the king. The loser is the asshole.

The simple basic rules of “the asshole card game” can quickly be learned. As there are numerous variations of the game, you may know differing rules. PLay the President app and klick here. It offers you easily understandable instructions. The site also offers you the possibility to complete free training.
Good luck and have fun!

This is what you can expect at President:
– free app of the popular card game President in english
– designed for Android and iOS
– exciting online multi-player for 3-5 persons
– easily understandable and easy-to-learn rules of the game
– endless gaming fun for beginners and experts

President or Asshole is an absolute obligation app for all card game friends, whether young or old, beginner or expert.

We wish you a lot of fun playing the game!

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